Jul 21 2011

#82 “The Night is Young”

As a child of the 1980s, a strong sense of nostalgia pulls me towards almost anything that represents that decade. Fashion, music, television, celebrities, it doesn’t matter. If it’s from the 80s, it holds a special place in my heart. I believe that is why I love this particular illustration so much. There is simply something about this picture that takes me back to those Saturday mornings spent watching A.C. Slater call Zach Morris a “preppy” which would then transform into afternoons practicing hopelessly on my neon yellow skateboard and then morph further into nights of listening to REM on my Walkman.

The skateboard, shades and t-shirt slogan are the elements that speak most clearly to me, and while they may not necessarily be designed to intentionally suggest an 80s vibe, I feel that the spirit of these items undeniably reference that decade of pure excess in an understated (if not overt) manner.

Also, though, when I look at this wonderful illustration, I am reminded of a very modern video that I ran across just recently. The name of this viral vid is called “Carving the Mountains,” and it features a group of very talented young ladies called the Longboard Girls Crew. I know very little about this group of hardcore skater chicks except for the fact that they have completely mesmerized me with their breathtaking performance in the beautiful Madrid Mountains.

As you can see, the connection between the illustration and the video is somewhat obvious. The wolf appears to be riding a longboard, just like the “foxy” girls in the video; and based on the fact that the wolf is wearing high heals, we can only assume that she is female. Besides this, the fashion sense of the wolf and the ladies seems somewhat congruent, and clearly no one can argue that both are just about as “boss” and “radical” as they come.

The night may be young, but alas, I am not as young as I used to be. I guess my vicarious life begins now. Skate on, wolf. Skate on, ladies. Skate for me while you still can. Skate for me so I can remember…

Jun 13 2011

#44 “Masterpiece by Macedo”

From Luis Felipe Macedo.

If you visit this site frequently and have an appreciation for the art that is displayed here, you are probably also familiar with a site called deviantart.com which displays unique artwork from established and aspiring artists from all over the world. On another note, a slightly less popular site that you may not be familiar with is called fiverr.com. It is here that individuals sell goods and services for a flat rate of 5 bucks.

What do these two sites have in common? They both feature artwork by a very talented individual named Luis Felipe Macedo.

On a whim, I just happened to be perusing the art section of fiverr a few weeks ago when I noticed an ad by Luis, offering to produce original pieces of art for individuals. I was then directed to his gallery on deviantart.com, and I must tell you that I have become quite taken with his talent. Through a short discourse, Luis generously offered to donate an original illustration to the Wolves by Strangers project, and thus we have the breathtaking piece that is on display today.

I asked Luis if he would like to compose the commentary for today’s post or offer any suggestions. In response he simply stated that he believed the art should speak for itself, and I must say that I agree. There are few words that could accurately reflect or sum up this lupine masterpiece. If you check out the links below and examine some of Macedo’s other artwork, you will find that all of his work is of this same caliber. He possesses a keen eye for perspective and angles that often give the viewer a unique point of view into the world of his illustrations. Additionally, his grasp of color and texture are so masterful that they successfully hold the viewer’s attention firmly and create some really cool pieces. Finally, there is an intangible feature to most of his art that is truly appealing but difficult to describe. The only way that I can explain it is like this: His work often contains elements that are fantastical and exaggerated, but at the same time there is an emotive quality to his characters and their expressions that is relatable and easy to identify with. As a result his artwork possesses both a foreign and familiar feel that nearly everyone can relate to.

Thanks again, Luis. You really are a class act.

If you would like to check out more of Luis’s artwork or purchase some of your own, check out these links: Fiverr and Deviantart.