May 29 2011

#29 “Big Brother is Watching You.”


From Michael and Paula

The speedy pace of our society’s technological development is one that frightens as well as excites me. In general, when I look around and notice cameras on street corners, or type my name into various search engines, or when I really start to think about consumer profiling, I become concerned that we are possibly racing towards a not-too-distant Orwellian future. While some may argue that modern technological advancements are the very things that safeguard us from this unfortunate scenario, my fears are just the opposite. I believe that a steep decline in personal privacy paired with a sharp increase in global technological voyeurism could possibly be very dangerous. While the ease of finding information may increase, so may also the ease of disseminating propaganda.

On the other hand, it is thrilling to ponder the multitude of communication options and growing speed and ease of connecting with others from all over the world. Surely, if it were not for the technological advancements made in fairly recent history, I would not be in possession of the thriving wolf collection that I own today, nor would I be able to share it with you so freely and effectively.

This brings us to the pictures that are on display today from Michael and Paula. Contained in both the subject line and the body of the email that these wonderful artists sent to me were references to the fact that these illustrations were created on iPads. Now, I do not own an iPad, myself, but I would certainly love to have one, especially if it means that I would be able to create masterpieces such as these. But there is something about that notebook-sized magical tablet that gives me the willies. There’s just something about it that creeps me out. I wonder… will microchips crawl out of some hidden portal and wriggle up my arm and into my ear like something out of The Wrath of Khan? Will it fuse itself to my hand and become simply another appendage that I could not live without? Will it exert some sort of radio-frequencied mind control and order me to murder my family?

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this line of questioning is that I may not know the answers until it’s too late….