Apr 29 2012

#365 “Amuro”

From Amuro (Victoria) in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Many of you may remember Amuro’s work from a post back in September (#153 to be exact). It seems that nearly everyone who discovers WBS is quite taken with the work of this talented young lady, and many fans of the project instantly call upon post #153 as one of their favorites. I, myself, was so impressed with Amuro’s work that I used one of her pieces as the “face” of the WBS Kickstarter campaign (Ultimately the campaign did not reach its goal, but that is neither here nor there). Anyway, it’s easy to see why Amuro’s work is appealing to so many people across the board: there’s an emotional content present in each painting that pours over the brim of what most of us are used to, and thus we are instantly captivated. It seems that each piece is born out of some cathartic experience, some deep joy, some sharp pain, some poignant loss, some inner struggle. Although we may not know the specific inspiration for each of her works, we are touched by the sentiment and we make them our own. We often like to hide the fact that we are emotional beings, but when we encounter something that is simply too stirring to be denied, we become more alive than ever. This, in essence, is what Amuro’s work brings out in me… and I hope it does the same for you.

(Amuro states on her deviantart page that the title of this work is “Wish I had an Angel” which was taken from a song by Nightwish.)