Oct 15 2011

#168 “Tonight we are brothers!”

From Kane

Often times, the breaking down of boundaries can be a beautiful and inspiring experience. In many ways, the only thing more electrifying is perhaps when multiple walls come tumbling down in unison, creating room for new relationships, new connections, and new bonds. When the chains and fetters that bind the hearts and minds of those trapped behind walls of narrow-mindedness are torn apart and destroyed forever, there’s no telling what we may accomplish.

The motivational picture that is up for public viewing today is just the type of work that possesses this magnificent power, for the work seems to break through artistic as well as thematic boundaries. Artistically, this piece is wonderfully textured and beautifully colored; it possesses a tangible quality of familiarity in its cartoon-like presentation, but it is also artful, delicate, and precise. In the simplest terms, it takes the idea of a “cartoon” to a whole new level and pushes the envelope in terms of the amount of skill that is expected from a traditional comic.

Also, though, this artist is savvy enough to capture a specific moment in time and draw out a universal theme of unity for the ages. Regardless of your nationality, race, or religious preference, this picture urges each of us to take advantage of every possible moment to form bonds of unity and brotherhood. We all know that in the real world conflict is unavoidable at times, but to neglect any opportunity for fellowship and the friendships that can develop from it is a waste indeed.

I will leave you now with the words of the artist that accompany this piece so well:

“Tomorrow we fight, tomorrow we kill each other, tomorrow we are sworn enemies. But tonight we are friends, tonight we are brothers, tonight we drink! Prost!”

Yes, Kane. Cheers, indeed!


Jul 4 2011

#65 “July 4th”

From Angela, deployed overseas

The Fourth of July is a day that our nation has set aside for our citizens to celebrate our individual freedoms as well as the independence our country as a whole. It is not, however, a time that I deem appropriate to engage in soapbox speeches or politically charged rants about foreign policy or military procedures, etc.

As such, I will keep this post relatively short and leave the political commentary to others. The illustration that you see on display today from Angela is the first that I have received from a soldier on active duty overseas. As a result, I want to take this opportunity to thank her and our other brave volunteers for their service in our military. I love this country, and I admire and respect those that risk their lives to serve her. This is not a job that I would want, and this fact makes me all the more appreciative of those who do take on this dangerous and often underappreciated task.

Thank you, Angela. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I hope you return home to us safe and soon.

God bless you, and happy 4th of July!