Apr 22 2012

#358 “The Room”

From David in Siauliai, Lithuania

This illustration was accompanied with the following letter:

You know, J, I really like the forest, but most of all I love colored lights, in the evenings when I hear the nightingale sing; it warns me of upcoming night. Then the forest gains new sounds. Windy nights remind me of the sea. I don’t know how, but I find myself going into the dark woods. Somehow I feel everything will be perfect; I’ll find the light, even though this forest looks mysterious and scary. Finally, the sounds of the forest connect with the lake and space around me to form the strange shape of a room: the place where I am at this moment… Before my eyes, I see a red glowing table. On this table is a cup of black coffee. This coffee is talking and it smells like fir trees.

Near the coffee is placed an envelope and a note: “My mind depends on this room, there are no mirrors, but it reflects you. Everyone of you.”

I ask myself: Where am I?

And the Coffee says: You’re in a strange shape room. Please, look at the cup. Watch it.  In a couple of minutes you’ll meet the woman: she’ll show you a gel. Then she’ll go out.

I: What women?

Coffee: There is something you cannot see. The blue light goes on and the wolf will come. He’ll watch you for a while. Light goes off. Light goes on.

I: No wolf, no wolf, no wolf.

Coffee: Now. Take the old small radio from behind the table. Do you see the door in a left corner of the room? Open it. There will be a
room with strange floors and the cross on the wall. Sit down in the chair. This chair saves people from vampires.

I: Whats next?

Voice of the Coffee from the radio: Look at the mirror. This is a mirror.

You’re the women.

The woman: Hi. I’m wearing black. Do you like me? There… Look! This is the white wolf. He is the owl. Ask him. (she runs away.)

I: What do I ask?! Wait!

Voice of the Coffee: You may be happy now. Get back in the strangely shaped room. Sit down.

Then all becomes dark. I can’t see.

To be continued.

Apr 13 2012

#349 “Adventure!”

From Billy

It’s an undeniable fact: Within all of us there lies a deep-seated yearning for action and adventure. No matter how faint, we all hear that call for excitement, and in no illustration is this innate desire for peril and danger more evident than this masterpiece by Billy. With his armed sidekick by his side (or rather on his back), this lupine warrior launches forward on some unknown escape, his breath as hot as fire. Will his journey bring him glory and honor or only disappointment? No one knows for sure, but there is one thing we do know: the call has been answered. The adventure has begun…

Aug 8 2011

#100 “Into the Wild”

From Adam in Alexandria, Virginia.

For as long as I can remember, one of my greatest passions in life has been spending time in the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. Given that I collect pictures of wolves, this should probably come as no surprise. I am disappointed to say, however, that as time passes on and eternity speeds towards us, I have become increasingly less attuned with nature.

When I was a child, the interaction was effortless. It was so easy to be one with nature. As William Wordsworth says to his daughter in the sonnet “It is a Beauteous Evening,” “thou liest in Abraham’s bosom all the year, God being with thee when we know it not.” What Wordsworth is referring to here is the fact that when confronted with a scene of great natural beauty, many children may not seem to have an outward appreciation like adults do , but this is simply because children are so in tune with nature on a continual basis that they don’t have to show an outward appreciation in order to be unified with Mother Earth. In other words, it comes so naturally for them that they don’t even have to try. Ahhh… to be young again. To play in those piles of Autumn leaves. To climb those trees again and peel the crumbly bark from dogwood branches. To fashion those snowballs and swing from ropes into ice-cold spring water. Passion of my youth, where have you gone?

There was a time not so long ago when I tried adamantly to reignite this flame within. In truth, through a series of ventures, I was successful for a while, but noose of a tie and the smog of crowded city streets has once again clouded my vision. As a result, I appreciate that this illustration kindly reminds to once again pick up that walking stick and hit the trails, so to speak. Thank you, Adam, for reminding me of the zeal for the beauty of creation that I had in my younger days.

In honor of the theme of this illustration and in order to celebrate the 100th post on the Wolves by Strangers website, I have decided to post a picture of myself. This was taken in Teton National Park in Wyoming several years ago during a backpacking trip with my father and a few friends. Enjoy!