The Story

Deep within the reaches of every human soul is an unquenchable desire to be a part of something larger, something greater. This notion is a part of our very nature and is a defining feature of the human condition: We are all fiercely independent and individual, but we all crave a sense of belonging as well.

It is the juxtaposition of these two concepts in the heart of every human creature that gave birth to the concept of Wolves by Strangers.

For years I struggled to find a fulfilling pastime that would allow myself and others to explore and celebrate this duality of man. Then, as if by some divine revelation, the idea came upon me in a flash to marry my love of all things lupine with my inherent need to bond with others shuffling along on this mortal coil. It’s difficult to explain, but it is almost as if a mental snowball began forming. Slowly and yet swiftly at the same time, flecks of downy white adhered themselves to this tiny idea which had started only as a single flake, blown mercilessly in the chaos and confusion of the human brain. Before long, the orb of creativity was in motion, tumbling down a hill of imagination and inspiration and gaining speed.

With the mental ball now rolling, I took the necessary physical action. I contacted my local post office and made arrangements to rent a P.O. box on March 1st, 2011. But when it came time to name the box, I was dumbfounded. This was an obstacle I stupidly had not anticipated. In a moment of flustered exasperation, I scribbled down “Wolves by Strangers” simply for lack of a better term and also because it was the only phrase that seemed to fit in the miniscule box on the post office paperwork. This name, however, has grown to be a pleasantly short moniker that seems to encapsulate the full idea of this project, and I am quite pleased with it. It is mysterious yet informative and has piqued the interest of many individuals throughout the world.

From this point forward, I began advertising through the few avenues that my meager knowledge of marketing would allow. I started by posting information on craigslist and Y!A. I also embarked upon a flyer-posting campaign around my hometown of Chattanooga, leaving small sheets of pink paper with WBS information in strategic locations so as to best capture my target audience. Who is this target audience? Well, in short, it is anyone and everyone. While we can speculate as to the physical appearance of the random wolf-drawer or guess at his social habits, I have found him to be a creature beyond definition.

On one my furtive campaigning missions with an esteemed colleague, I happened to place a flyer on top of a waste receptacle in the UTC Engineering and Computer Science Building. I thought no more about the placement of this circular than I had any of the others I had previously posted, and covertly went about my way. This particular flyer was different, however. For it would make its way into the hands of a young intellectual by the name of Eric. Upon discovering the WBS handout, Eric snapped a quick photograph of it and posted the photograph to Shortly after, the Eric’s photograph achieved prominence on the front page of reddit and was picked up by a variety of other websites.

Before long, the flyer was being viewed by individuals all over the globe through a variety of media outlets. It was even mentioned briefly in a publication called “Shortlist” that is distributed to passengers on London’s immense underground railway system. As a result, I have received a variety of wonderful wolf illustrations from strangers both at home and abroad, and the collection has grown to such a degree that I believe it is now necessary to start sharing the pictures with a worldwide audience.

It is my sincerest hope that this blog will allow others to share in the joy that I have experienced by collecting these drawings and that this collection will continue to grow. If you have not contributed to “Wolves by Strangers” yet, please do so today.