#78 “Scribble Wolf”

From Craig

There are certain individuals who walk among us who can look at an everyday object that most of us would find mundane or unnoticeable, and in their mind’s eye, that ordinary object is transformed into something unique and extraordinary. I’ve always been amazed at how some people just seem to have this unique gift of “interpretation.”

When I gaze upon this impressive wolf by Craig, I am assured that he must be one of these talented artists who simply has that “creative eye.” Can you imagine what this illustration must have looked like in its early stages? I would love to see a time lapsed video of Craig constructing this wolf. How amazing it would have been to see the scribbles, the scant lines, the incomprehensible mess slowly transform into the beautiful bust of a proud wolf. Break this illustration down, and you would have nothing but a disarrayed jumble of chaotic markings, an explosion of cluttered marks, lying in shambles… but put them all together in the proper order, and look at what may be accomplished. Simply breathtaking.

In honor of this piece, I went searching on the web for other works of art that were made from discarded or everyday items. Check out this site, and be amazed.

Bravo, Craig. Fantastic work.

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