#459 “A New Nation & A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

From Jeremy in Nashville, Tennessee

At a glance it seems like these two pictures from Jeremy may not have much in common; however, in light of recent national events, I would say that there’s actually quite an interesting link between the two that make them applicable to all Americans. With the recent revelations made by Edward Snowden about the NSA and other information about secret courts, etc., coming close behind, many Americans are indeed feeling like the nation they thought they knew and loved has pulled the wool over their eyes. The fact that we’re basically begging Russia to deliver Snowden to us with assurances that we won’t kill or torture him is an extraordinary statement about the recent history of this country. While I love this country, I’m afraid that in some ways Lady Liberty has indeed taken on a savage new visage in my eyes, one that has been hidden behind an innocent mask for far too long…

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