#455 “Electro-Wolf”

From AMSeaFang (Kailah)

In March of 2012, WBS experimented with a “Music Month” in which each illustration was accompanied by a wolf-themed song which seemed to fit the picture’s mood and tone. All in all, this was one of my favorite times in the brief history of the project thus far, and I am grateful to AMSeaFang for temporarily reviving this artistic crossover. As far as her particular subject is concerned, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate artist to anthropomorphize than Skrillex. His unique music, as well as his eclectic appearance, embody the wildness of the wolf well: Skrillex is an artist that attacks the eardrums of his listeners with a biting sound full of ferocity as well as beauty. It’s a combination that is as fierce and alluring as the wolf, itself

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