#450 “The Terminator”

From Jeremy in Nashville, Tennessee

“I’ll be b-… pack!”

Post #450 is quite a milestone for the WBS project, and therefore it’s only fitting that we celebrate this momentous occasion with a fantastic illustration that is dedicated to a particularly groundbreaking (and somewhat applicable) film. Many times throughout the past several hundred posts, I’ve commented on the significance of the dual nature of the wolf, but no illustration thus far has captured this idea as marvelously as this pop culture portrait by Jeremy. While the terminator is an autonomous cyborg comprised of living tissue covering a mechanized skeleton, the wolf is a muscular mass of flesh and fur covering… well, that’s the mystery, isn’t it? Underneath the sometimes soft, sometimes savage exterior of the wolf, we don’t really know what exists. We study the creature’s habits. We examine its lifestyle. We analyze its genetic makeup, scrutinize its diet and admire its physiology, but what’s really hiding underneath the surface? I suppose that’s anyone’s guess. In the end deciphering the psyche of the wolf may be as challenging as reading the mind of a robot… If it can even be done at all…

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