#446 “School Project”

From Jecobia

Having relinquished my official role as a student for quite some time now, the world of formal education has become a relatively foreign place to me. Given this fact, it came as quite a surprise when Jecobia sent me this tasteful video which she produced for a small classroom project. To say I was honored would be quite the understatement. While I have always hoped that this global gallery of lupine artwork might serve to inspire a smile from time to time or create a pleasant diversion from the rigors of daily life, I had never imagined that it might provide some educational value to America’s youth. I couldn’t be more pleased than to imagine a group of students taking note of WBS and using it to further their studies. So, to Jecobia, if you are reading this: Stay in school and keep on the straight and narrow path. Always allow your heart to be your guide and trust your instincts. Search for inspiration in the unusual and never allow detractors to distract you from your goals and dreams. Also, while you pursue the soul of your education, don’t neglect the education of your soul. And finally, always keep that small and sacred part of your heart reserved for the wolf; it will never lead you astray.

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