#445 “Toothy Grin”

From Laura in New York

While aggressive wolves with teeth bared in militant hostility are often the focus of lupine artwork, the talented young Laura offers a different perspective with her lighthearted portrait of a particularly friendly subject with an almost goofy smile. And while some individuals might say that this is not an accurate depiction of the noble savage, it does capture a very real side of the beast – a side that desires acceptance and even friendship. And while the wolf’s request for acceptance may not literally come in the form of the wide-eyed and friendly portrayal offered up by Laura here, her illustration does serve as a reminder that at the heart of each and every creature lies a desire to simply be – a wish to coexist and fulfill an individual purpose. And while sometimes this desire does bring the wolf into a necessary conflict with other beings, this reality is always better faced with a smile…

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