#440 “Rainy Day”

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

When Hannah sent me practically a whole portfolio’s worth of pictures about 16 months ago, I realized instantly that they were too stunning to be displayed in one fell swoop. As a result, I’ve been parcelling them out, mostly one at a time, for more than a year now, hoping that revealing them periodically would allow each piece to be able to have its own place in the spotlight. Well, I’ve been saving one final masterpiece for an especially rainy day, and it just so happens that its been pouring all weekend. As a result, it seems only fitting that I bestow upon you the final piece of artwork that Hannah supplied me with in November of 2011. Its been a long journey to arrive at this final masterpiece, but I’m glad that we’ve made it together. And who knows? Maybe Hannah is working on another fantastic wolf portrait for all of us at this very moment. Only time will tell, but if you’re out there, Hannah, we’re drooling like rabid wolves in anticipation for your magnum opus. Don’t keep us waiting for long!

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