#436 “My Avatar”

From WBS Artist in Residence: Victoria Witt

As many faithful viewers/readers of this site are aware, a few months ago I announced that Chattanooga native Victoria Witt had graciously created an official piece of WBS artwork to serve as the public face of this project and that I had bestowed upon her a semi-official position as the artist in residence of WBS. Essentially what this means is that Victoria has benevolently taken it upon herself to occasionally create artwork specifically to promote Wolves by Strangers and that she is intimately linked to this project.

The story of how this relationship developed is an unpredictable and complicated one to say the least, and I think I told most of the pertinent details when I posted Victoria’s first piece of official WBS artwork. Basically, what had happened was that Victoria had discovered the WBS project on her own and had been submitting artwork long before she knew that “I” was the man behind the wolves. Through a certain professional relationship, Victoria and I spoke often, and she even mentioned Wolves by Strangers to me on occasion, but she had no idea that it was actually “me” who had been receiving and posting her artwork.

When I finally revealed my identity to Victoria as a gift for a special occasion, she was certainly surprised and totally dumbfounded by the fact that the clues to my identity were under her nose the whole time. Now, nearly a year after I told Victoria who I am, she returned the favor by creating this rather accurate lupine avatar to serve as a visual manifestation of my identity. I, your faithful lupine artwork collector, now have a face that I can wear and a concrete image that frequenters of this site can attach to me.

But why am I anonymous in the first place? Well… that’s quite a long story and one that is best left for another time, but suffice it to say that it is my goal to center the focus of site revolve around the artwork itself and not the man that collects them. And even if my anonymity does not succeed in this goal but only makes viewers wonder about my identity all the more… well, then that probably adds a pleasant mystery to the site and another dimension to the uniqueness that is WBS. Who knows? I could be sitting in the cubicle across the hall or at the coffee house table next to you at this very moment…

Howls and Scratches,


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