#434 “Looking In”

From Victoria in Oregon

It seems like one of the most inherent aspects of the human condition is a nearly constant self-focus. In other words, we as humans are perpetually concerned with ourselves and what we think, feel, and believe as individuals. Essentially, we’re all egomaniacs to a certain degree.

But don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to say that people are innately evil or selfish. I don’t believe that; I just think that sometimes it’s difficult for us to see beyond ourselves. As a result, we often take on the role of the observer instead of the observed. We view the world around us and the wildlife that inhabits it as a sort of menagerie designed for our own entertainment, and we never stop to think that perhaps we’re being watched as much or more than we watch the creatures with whom we share this amazing world.

When I look at Victoria’s refreshing portrait of these two docile yet inquisitive wolves, I feel as if it is I who am on display for the wolf instead of the wolf being on display for me. This illustration makes me feel very small in some ways but very alive as well because it reminds me that the world is not my personal possession to have and hold and do with it as I please. It belongs to us all, humans and animals alike…

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