#431 “A Window on Four Wolves”

From S.T. in Hertfordshire, U.K.

Sometimes it seems like as if we’re viewing the wolf through a sort of window, doesn’t it? The pane that separates us from the animal is thin and transparent, but its dividing powers are real enough. Is the life that we ascribe to this beautiful creature accurate in the least? Is our perception of its existence remotely realistic? Or does the glass distort the image and present to us a romanticized rendering of a thing that simply isn’t real? I suppose that no one really knows, for no one can be both man and wolf. We view the wolf in the only way we can, through the window of our own existence, creating in it only what we want to see. It’s true essence will forever be a mystery, but in the end, whose to say that this isn’t what makes the creature the alluring creature that it is…

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