#430 “Wolf Balloon”

From Misha Misha

Earlier this week I received this striking watercolor from Misha Misha, along with the humble missive featured below. I was so struck by not only her artistic talent but her mastery of language that I have presented both of them for you here. I hope you enjoy the fine work of this amazing young artist who is no doubt a rising star. I was tempted to title this post “Journey to Bethlehem” even though the artist claims no connection between the file name and the actual work of art, but in the end I thought that would be overstepping my bounds. For some unexplainable reason I was enchanted by the use of this phrase and its somewhat spiritual connotations and I simply couldn’t shake this mysterious expression. In the end, though, “Balloon Wolf” seemed just as magical, and well… here you have it!

Thanks so much, Misha Misha. Your work has certainly taken me on a journey, but the final destination has yet to be determined, for it resides beyond the boundary of imagination…

Good morning/night/ wherever the day may be for you,

I am a thirteen year-old stranger in Canada, and yet I am a 3 year old in my own peculiar land. It is so easy to create anything there, though I am aware that it will never escape the confines of my obstinate head. This image is only the remnant of that wonderfully fleeting vision, created with a few dusty bottles of watercolor left by my departed uncle (I don’t mean deceased, I just mean gone) and an H3 pencil. Not one of my better sketches, but one of my infrequent watercolors. This poor wolf has been branded as too whimsical by adults, and much too simplistic by children. I hope that it will find residence in your site, and comfort in your eloquent praise.

Hopefully it will amuse you,

me, who else? XD

Ps: The name of the file has nothing to do with the picture itself.

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