#429 “Raving Mad!”

From Kai in Anacortes, Washington

Call them bizarre. Call them insane. Call them outrageous. Just don’t call them ordinary! A wolf pack this wild and crazy only comes along every so often, and while this is the most rousing illustration that WBS has received in quite some time, I’m not sure I’m capable of handing as much excitement as these wolves look prepared to dole out. It’s hard to tell whether these bodacious beasts are looking to crash a party or tear an unsuspecting prey limb from limb, but my guess is that it’s a little both. In the end, it’s this enthralling combination of fun and violence that captures the viewer’s attention. Chaos and Passion. Silliness and Savagery. This illustration has it all and packs as much excitement into a small space as one of those 80′s-inspired Future Synth NuDisco beats… and speaking of which, here’s one that compliments this illustration well. It’s called “Club Wolf” by Distasterpeace.

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