#428 Yin/Yang

From YinWolf

Yin and Yang: The competing/opposing forces of the universe which work together to sustain the equilibrium of our very existence. As the artist behind this wolf takes his name from this ancient Chinese philosophy, I must assume that his artwork is at least partially inspired by this metaphysical outlook on life, but in what ways this piece is representative of this doctrine are mostly a mystery.

This particular wolf seems to express a light-hearted attitude with his perennial smile and relaxed posture; however, his wide eyes, open mouth, and elbow propped on one knee suggest that a┬ádeep-seated and optimistic wisdom is at work in his being. He looks like a creature who is excited about unlocking the mysteries of the universe and who would gladly share those secrets with you… if you could indeed secure a real and private audience with him. But since he appears only in this imaginative work, we may never know the sagacity that he has to offer.

And while this might be a bit of a sad thought, the wolf and its artist accomplish a mission of yin and yang nonetheless. For I realize that even as I sit here and type these words that the two of us are intimately linked in a balanced relationship of contributor and collector- two sides of the same coin which are opposing and yet intimately linked…

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