#421 “Flaunt it!”

From Rachel in Chattanooga, TN

A while back Rachel Sauls wrote a wonderfully supportive piece about Wolves by Strangers for the local Metro section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Then, as if she hadn’t done enough to prove herself a friend to the project, she graciously donated this fantastic piece of lupine pop art that’s overflowing with personality. This unique composition is a true marriage of class and sex appeal and is as sophisticated as they come. While anthropomorphic wolves are almost always pictured in a male form and are typically in pursuit of a young sex-kitten on which to work their wiles, Rachel turns this cliche on its head and presents us with a sensual and alluring depiction of a lupine Jayne Mansfield that is every bit as chic and elegant as a male wolf is ravenous and rapacious. All things being said and done, I can’t help but to howl when I lay eyes on this classy creation!

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