#419 “Sea Wolf”

 From Preston in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ahhh… The mash-up.

By definition, a mash-up is an unexpected marriage of two dissimilar but somehow intimately connected items from pop culture. Today’s surprisingly pleasing example features Shakira’s pop single “She Wolf” and Sponge Bob Square Pants. At first the viewer is at odds with himself in determining just what all of this means, but then when the realization dawns on him that Shakira flirtatiously asserts that “there’s a she-wolf in your closet,” the strange amalgamation achieves a sudden clarity and the initial confusion is resolved.

Hats off to Preston for the unique interpretation of these two elements. With creativity such as this continuing to make its way into the WBS project, I believe that I can safely say that there’s no telling where the future will lead us…


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