#418 “Invisi-Wolf”

From a stranger in Ft. Worth, Texas

Ladies and gentlemen, do not attempt to adjust your monitors. While the picture above might appear to be nothing more than a vast expanse of colorless naught, it is actually the latest submission to this growing collection of lupine portraits. Yes… I present to you… invisi-wolf! True, some may view this contribution as nothing more than a folded napkin, but I see a sea of possibilities upon which our imaginations may set sail. Some may say that this isn’t an illustration of a wolf at all. I say that it is, in fact, an illustration of any wolf and every wolf. The blankness of this canvas represents the endless possibilities and infinite promise that lies within each of us to create his/her own mental image of a lupine. Simply put, this wolf is all things to all men.

But… who is this Bruce Vallance who is referenced on the back side of the envelope? Does the fact that I don’t recognize the name add support to the claim that he is under-rated? Is he the groundbreaking artist behind this imaginative masterpiece? I’m not sure… Maybe this is the first step down a long road of mystery and intrigue.

Who are you, Bruce Vallance?

Who are you?


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