#414 “Wolves of War”

Form Wolfbane3

For those whose souls are feeling hampered by the shackles of society, here’s a little midweek wolf poetry to get you over the hump. Keep soldiering on, everyone, and let the spirit of the wolf guide you…

Wolves of War

They leave their home, these wolves of war
They leave their pups and mates
They head unto barren sands
The weight of nation in there wake

They fight with spirit for pack and kin
While the ones they love await
The fight with blood and bone, tooth and nail
Against relentless hate

They are selfless, true and free
Feared by only those that kill and feed
They come upon the field, to protect our dens and dreams
Some left only to memory

They fight for us this great pack
Keeping our territory free
They shed blood and breath
These wolves of war

Warriors that keep us free

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