#410 “Brushstrokes”


From Gabrielle in Redlands, California

A swirl of muddy undertones and overt darkness blend and clash until they form the moving image of Gabrielle’s unique lupine brainchild. A wonder among wonders, this quaint yet powerful masterpiece speaks volumes about the hidden power that flows from the elegant movements of a young ladies delicate wrist down through the stained fingertips and is then transferred from the bristles of a finely crafted brush onto the course and pristine canvass. It’s a magical process that only a few are able to master, involving simple tools that even fewer are able to wield with such amazing skill. Paintings like this don’t just appear out of thin air, although the skill and talent of the artist might make you think otherwise. They are the fruits of a labor of love which are presented here for all to feast upon. The gaze of this wolf searches the soul of the viewer, but the self-contented smirk provides an element of whimsy that could warm the coldest heart. ¬†Thanks for the amazing contribution, Gabrielle. I can only hope that this forum provides a worthy platform for a talented artist such as yourself.

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