#409 “Lyrical Art”

From Wolfbane3

It’s true that this website is dedicated to featuring unique wolf art from global strangers, but if the contribution criteria only stipulates that submissions must be “art,” who’s to say that poetry shouldn’t be included as well? I can see of no reason why this fantastic composition by Wolfbane3 should not take center stage for a time at wolvesbystrangers.com. This poetic masterpiece is overflowing with cathartic passion; it will sink its teeth deep in you and won’t let go until the transformation is complete… So, prepare to become one with the wolf as you take on this lupine verse full to the brim of haunting (and howling) lyrical mastery.


Release me from this skin
Bite into me with your fangs
I beg of you my alpha free me from this
With white hot pain free me with your lips

Let my blood flow

Enough with this pale shadow
She’s Screaming within me
Bones shifting and flesh tearing
Destroying me from within

Let my blood flow

Let body, spirit, and soul live
Live as one
Let the sweet agony of change take me
If I survive, let me stand as her

Let my blood flow

Enough with these scars being cut from within
Let her out
Let her run through the night
Let our disjointed hearts beat as one

Let my blood flow

As your saliva courses through my heart like fire
As my spine cracks and teeth lengthen
As my body becomes her spirit
As we join into our soul

Let my blood flow

See us as we run
See us howl together like lovers lost
Watch us as we stand weathering the storm
Feel the passion released with our new voice

Let my blood flow

Eternity in a single moment
As flesh knits and bones mend
Our fur ripples in the wind
Watch as we stalk forth into the night

Let our blood flow

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