#403 “A Near Miss”

From a stranger in Harrogate, Tennessee

Not long ago I decided to scale back the daily postings of WBS artwork and transition into a system of displaying a piece once a week (every Sunday) with perhaps a few surprise posts on weekdays in between. I’m proud to say that I have faithfully adhered to this model, but today tragedy almost struck. I don’t intend to make excuses, but I simply became so busy with a set of new responsibilities I have recently taken on that I neglected to post an illustration up until the evening hours. And then when I did come to my senses and remember that countless lupine art lovers are depending on me to post at least one illustration a week, I realized that I had left my entire collection at my place of employment over the weekend. To make matters worse, I have practically exhausted my stockpile of emailed contributions, leaving my inbox as barren as Cindy Loo Who’s house on Christmas Eve. I began scrounging furiously around my home in hopes that one single illustration had slipped through the cracks. Tables were overturned, drawers were rooted through, furniture was rearranged. I looked everywhere. And finally, by the grace of God, I came across a lonesome envelope in a random assortment of papers. And there on the envelope. So, without further ado, I have to offer a special thanks to A. Stranger from Harrogate, Tennessee. Congratulations, stranger. You’ve saved the day…

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