#402 “Show & Tell”

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Like most adjectives, the word “new” is completely relative. Something is only “new” in comparison to something that is “old.” As you may have noticed, over the past several months, I have displayed many works from the talented Hannah. When I first received an email from the young artist that contained a whopping total of 14 attachments, I got the feeling like she didn’t view her work as being relevant since much of it had been drawn/painted several years ago. In Hannah’s eyes, her artwork seemed like old news, but to me… well… it was as if I had opened a treasure chest of artistic wonder. Each piece that met my eyes was totally original. Each was an individual what I was taking in for the very first time. These works had been stored away for years, but to me they were as fresh and new as if the paint was still wet. So… while the date on this stunning lupine portrait might read 2007, for those of us who are seeing it for the first time, it’s a striking new spectacle of artistic beauty, the likes of which we have never seen until this very moment.

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