#395 “Serifs”

From Julianne in Katonah, New York

On display today is a classic wolf portrait drawn on the back of a piece of paper that contains two lists of fonts. The first list is titled “Serf” while the second list is titled “Sans.” For those of you who have not studied the art of the font in depth, a serif is a mark of embellishment typically added to the lines that make up a letter. Serifs can add flair or formality to different characters, while sans serif fonts can sometimes be more direct or easier to read.

But why even mention this? Who cares? Well, it might sound a bit trite, but each day that we live, we metaphorically have a choice between living our lives with serifs and living sans serif. And I always say to go with the serif. Why not add a dash of panache to your daily life? Why not live with a bit of pizzaz and spice? How to do this is up to you, but take a chance today and go with your gut. Don’t hold back, today is the day to really live…

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