#388 “Fear/Loathing”

From Zachary

I’ve sat on this piece by Zachary for a few days simply because I’m not sure the English language has developed the lexicon to truly capture the absurd brilliance of this man’s twistedly beautiful artwork. The only way that I know to describe it is to say that it has caused me to wonder what might result if Ralph Steadman met H.P. Lovecraft at a party thrown by Quentin Tarrantino and all three of them drank from a tainted punchbowl. And speaking of Steadman, although I’m amazed by the originality of the body of Zachary’s artwork, I can’t help but to think that the wildly creative British artist has had some sort of influence here. I’m reminded of a quote by the man in which he said that he often sought inspiration during thunderstorms because he enjoyed the close contact with the power and majesty of nature. And that is what I see most clearly in this piece: power and majesty but in a form that is beyond our control and beyond our grasp.

In the end, I can’t stop staring at this devilishly beautiful portrait, but something says tells me that it will lead to more nightmares than sweet dreams.

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