#385 “Two Sides”

From Daniel

I’ve commented quite a bit in the past about the duality of the wolf- about how the creature possesses two distinct sides (if not more) and how the complexity of the animal creates an identity like unto an ever-shifting amorphous specter, just out of reach of our understanding. No piece displays this idea more clearly than this stunning black and white study by Daniel. Strangely enough, the simple lines and lack of overt detail help to bring to mind the duality of the wolf all the more in this masterpiece.

On a related note, I recently discovered a story in the Durango Herald that focuses on the ongoing debate over wolves and which I found to be quite interesting. If you’re interested in reading the story, you can access it here. To spark your interest further, here is a quote from the beginning of the article that grabbed my attention almost immediately and which I also feel is related somehow to this fantastic illustration by Daniel:

“Wolves are not as evil or destructive as wolf opponents allege, nor are they the cuddly, noble spirits of wilderness that some romantics espouse. They are animals, and they behave like animals – with all the good and bad that implies. As such, it is important to address some of the claims that have been made recently about wolves.”

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