#384 “Growth”

From Victoria in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Here’s your inspiration for the day!

While most of us realize that the artistic talent of Victoria is something that lies lightyears beyond our grasp, the variance of these pieces which display the growth of her skill over a period of years should encourage us to realize that even the most talented among us have to start somewhere. It’s true that a few of us might be born with more natural gifts than others, but focused cultivation is the key. Determination and perseverance… hours spent in practice… mistakes and failures along the way… sleepless nights and a steadfast gaze on the summit: this is the recipe for greatness. And when we reach that beautiful peak of personal achievement, the victory of our efforts will fill our mouths with and indescribable sweetness.

So keep your chin up! Whether your goals lie in the artistic creations or in something at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, give yourself time to achieve the greatness that you deserve and enjoy the journey. As someone once said, “If it’s easy, it’s not worth doing.”

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