#383 “In The Company Of Wolves”

From Ana Lucia in Colombia (age 8 )

This little troop of lobos struck an instant chord with me, and I couldn’t help thinking that they looked like a quaint little family. But while I do┬ábelieve in the general goodness of the wild animal, I also recognize that a company of wolves is nothing to take too lightly. There’s a dreadful strength and a harrowing power in the pack that should not be scoffed at. The wolf is a creature that is full of mystery and wonder, a creature of intrigue and danger. Yes, friends a company of wolves can be a desperate and treacherous thing… Don’t believe me? View the accompanying video below for a closer look. Notice the three wolves featured at 1:40 in the video and you’ll see why I’ve posted these two pieces together.

BTW, if you’re a wolf-movie enthusiast, be sure to check out the 1984 British Gothic fantasy-horror film “The Company of Wolves” whose scenes comprise this video.

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