#378 “The Beauty of a Work in Progress”

From Raeh in Anchorage, Alaska

Sometimes it seems that “unfinished” works are able to take your breath away even more easily than those that have been framed and frozen in a state of absolute completion. There’s something appealing in the mystery, something intriguing about the amorphous shapes bleeding off into the wilds of the imagination, something beautiful about the journey of creation itself. There lies a certain appeal in being able to watch the intricate stages of progression. It’s as if you are witness to the inception of the brainchild, and you are more accurately able to weigh the importance of each stroke and each line. A special thanks is due to Raeh for allowing us to step into the world she is building. As spectator to her process of creation, I can do nothing but stare in awe and wonder.

“Climb slowly, steadily, enjoying each passing moment; and the view from the summit will serve as a fitting climax for the journey.” – Harold V. Melchert

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