#376 “Weekend Wolf!”

From Elias in Chattanooga, Tennessee

I received this rowdy wolf from Elias just earlier today, and I simply couldn’t resist sharing him immediately. With his boom box blasting (bottom left corner) and his dancing shoes on (metaphorically), this wolf is primed and ready for the freakin’ weekend. It seems that his blaring jams have worked him into a lupine frenzy and he’s caught in the grips of some deep and primal tunes straight from the bowels of Mother Earth herself. There’s no telling what particular tune is being belched from his mighty music player, but one thing is for certain, it’s Friday night and the mood is right.

On a related note, I hope this weekend treats you with plenty of summer fun and good tunes as well. Here’s one I just discovered today. It’s called “Wolves” by an artist named Dosh. Enjoy!

Dosh – Wolves – Live from Mancinetti Pictures on Vimeo.

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