#375 “A Sinister Set”

From David in Siauliai, Lithuania

Without a doubt, today’s post is remarkably special. You see, I’ve received many extraordinary works from David before, but this post marks the first “originals” that I have received from the talent artist. And not just one picture, but three esteemed masterpieces by this Lithuanian artisan greet out eyes today.

Although these pieces make my heart leap with joy, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that there seems to be an ominous vein of wickedness running through these lupine portraits. There’s some unmistakable villainy in the cold stare, some ruthless and base desire boiling beneath the fur, some menacing determination in the plodding steps of these beasts. Nonetheless, while these illustrations do inspire a fair amount of fear, there’s also an undeniable beauty in their mastery of the beastly form of this remarkable creature. Few works could set my heart to racing with fright while simultaneously bringing tears of joy to my eyes…

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