#371 “Geo-Wolves!”

From Crystal in East Ridge, Tennessee

While I do love these wildly creative cartoon wolves from Crystal, the story of how they actually came to be in my possession is almost as intriguing as the artwork itself. As some of you may know, the entire idea behind this project sprang from a long and arduous inner search for fulfillment. I was bored and restless and was desperately searching for a way to make my everyday existence more stimulating and exciting. I had flitted half-heartedly from one hobby to the next in a tireless journey to find my own personal passion. From kayaking to writing poetry… I felt like I had tried it all. And then one day, I discovered something called geocaching.

What is geocaching exactly? Well, simply put, it’s a worldwide game of wide and seek in which players hide small containers that might house anything from a simple log for seekers to sign to all sorts of various trade items. Usually located by searchers through GPS coordinates, there are literally millions of geocaches worldwide. In fact, you may be within a few feet of one right now and my not even be aware of it. From the very first moment that I first discovered this global scavenger hunt I was hooked. I became obsessed with finding all the geocaches I could and kept fairly meticulous notes about my geocaching adventures. In some ways I suppose that my initial level of interest was too intense to be maintained for too long. Eventually, my geoaching activity waned and my hiding and seeking slacked off quite a bit. Every once in a while, though, the geo-bug bites again and I’ll go on a short stint of compulsive geocaching that seems to overtake everything else in my life. I suppose that I never did lose that initial interest the hobby. There’s something secret and covert about the entire operation, something mysterious and exclusive, something primitive and yet also childish and whimsical.

But anyway… not long ago while I was seeking out a few caches I happened to have some WBS stickers with me and the thought struck me that the same type of person who enjoys geocaching might also be interested in the Wolves by Strangers project. For some reason I believed that if I was ever going to define my WBS demographic that the typical geocacher is probably who I would describe. Geocachers are fun, energetic, adventurous and enjoy unique experiences that lie outside of the realm of “ordinary” life. I placed a few stickers in some larger caches and voila! Within a few weeks I received emails from a couple of people would had found them. As a result, the fruits my labor and the artwork of the talented Crystal is here for everyone to enjoy!

And hey… as a final thought… since today is Sunday and most of you (hopefully) have the day off work, why not borrow a GPS from a friend and seek out some geocaches of your own. There’s no better time to start than today! For more info, visit geocaching.com.

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