That’s right, everybody- WBS is back and better than ever! The wolf pictures by strangers keep rolling in, and this is the one and only place to find them! However, there’s a small catch. Unfortunately, because of other commitments, the WBS website will only be updated once a week. It might be one picture… it might be ten.. but from now on, Sunday is the day to get your week dose of lupine art. I don’t want to leave you hanging any longer, though… so here is a fantastic piece from Izabela. Apparently, Izabela is from Poland but is studying in Estonia, and yet she discovered WBS while in Lithuania. Go figure! For more of Izabela’s awesome artwork, click here.

“From The Cycle Incarnations: Caridwen”

Seeing as how we had two contest winners in April, we’ll officially call this WBS artwork #370

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