Contest Winners!

Sometimes the generosity (and talent) of strangers can take your breath away… and this is exactly what happened with me when I began sorting through a few of the entries that I received for the Wolves by Strangers Birthday Contest. Ultimately, I followed my heart, and the winners of the contest are the pieces/artists you see below. I will keep my words here brief and allow the artwork to speak for itself, but I did feel it was necessary to include the letter that Paige sent in accompaniment with her artwork. Paige, Jeremy and Emily- don’t forget to email me at so that we can work out arrangements for your prizes!

First Place Winner: Paige Sullivan of Phoenix, Arizona

“Priestess With Young Wolves”

“Wolf of the Woods”

Dear Wolves,

These are my entries for your contest.

The pastel pieces is called “Wolf of the Woods.” Many centuries ago, wolves used to build dens in cornfields in Northern Europe (before they became extinct there) and when they would emerge from the cornfields to go hunting, they would be covered in leaves so people who saw them thought they were foliate wolves- like the Green Man- and so they called them the wolves of the woods. They believed they followed the Green Man in the Wild Hunt and were very superstitious of them.

The second pieces is called “Priestess With Young Wolves.” I originally painted this in 1990 and recently added some touchups. Some of the color is magic marker, so it will fade from time and continued exposure to sunlight.

I used to sell my art for a living, and this piece never sold- not even prints- so I thought you might like it!


Paige Sullivan


Runners Up: Jeremy Michael and Emily Rose of Tuart Hill,
Western Australia

“Outrospective Wolf in Gloomy-Colour” (Jeremy Michael)

“Introspective Wolf in Technicolor” (Emily Rose)

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