#360 “Let the Inside Shining Through”

From Durelle in Athens, Tennessee

In a world so obsessed with outer beauty, finding almost anything or anyone who possesses a radiance that emanates from within can sometimes feel like a challenge. Some people are beautiful and desirable on the outside while vapid underneath, and others, while disheveled or unfavorable in their appearance, may possess an astounding beauty that goes unrecognized because our vision cannot reach beyond the exterior.

What I love about this illustration from Durelle is that it seems to comment on that ongoing conflict between inner and outer beauty. While this wolf is visually appealing in a way that most others could only dream of achieving, we know that the value on the creature is not limited to its external decoration. For all its outer magnificence, if what lies underneath is not just as beautiful, then this creature is nothing more than a sham. In the case of this particular wolf, however, I like to believe that what we are seeing is the true grandeur of the animal shining through from the inside with such force that it simply cannot be contained. And I like to use that assessment as inspiration for my own life. I like to believe that true internal beauty will always win out eventually (if we feed that part of ourselves enough) and that we, like this wolf, may be so full of internal exquisiteness that it just bubbles over in a dazzling display of pure wonder. Also, I like to try to observe this in others because there is nothing more touching than feeling like you are actual seeing into a person. So the next time you meet someone, whether it’s the clerk at a grocery store or a new friend of a friend, try to see beyond the external… Look for the internal luminosity begging to shine through… You may be surprised at what you find, and it may lead you to become a new person yourself.

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