#353 “Expressions”

From a stranger in Manchester, England

I have spent quite a while examining this wolf and trying to determine just what sort of message he is intending to send, and in the end I have come up empty-handed. The face suggests satisfaction (perhaps even smugness), but the body language is understated and subdued. After a little research, I was still making no headway, but I did run across an interesting fact from Jim and Jamie Dutcher’s book called  Living With Wolves: “Unlike other animals, wolves have a variety of distinctive facial expressions they use to communicate and maintain pack unity.” I found this fact intriguing, but it only served to increase my curiosity. I guess I may never know, but then again… maybe the mystery of the animal is what makes him so wonderfully intriguing. And in this way, maybe our unsatiated curiosity is the greatest blessing the animal can give.

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