#243 “Auld Lang Syne”

From BTP in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

With the end of the year just around the corner, I cannot help but to feel a slight, creeping sadness. This year has been a good one, and as such, it will be a bit of a struggle to let it go. The passage of time is what brings us all the pleasant memories that we store away, but at the same time, there is a bit of sorrow in the knowledge that as these fleeting moments pass, they will never be regained. When I look at this intriguing illustration by BTP, I feel a sort of empathy flowing from its lupine subject. There is a pensive quality to this wolf that delivers a tone of thoughtfulness and reflection. The wolf’s brow seems slightly furrowed and the gaze is a bit downcast, suggesting that we have caught this creature in a moment of meditative introspection. The scribbled lines and squiggled features that make up the animal suggest age and perhaps even wisdom. Truly this is a creature in the midst of contemplation.

So often when we find ourselves ruminating on ideas related to that mysterious thing called time, we try to usher them instantly from our minds. But while it would certainly be detrimental to focus on the past forever… there is something to be said for freely allowing ourselves to grieve a bit for the time gone by, even if it has been filled with gladness… especially if it has been filled with gladness. We are human after all, and perhaps no one trait is so inherently tied to the human condition as the recognition of the fleeting nature of time…

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