#189 “Nyan Wolf”

From Rebecca in Peterborough, UK

When pop culture references can transcend their typically limited boundaries and become applicable in a variety of circumstances, that is when they achieve true greatness. And this, as it just so happens, is exactly what we have before us today with Rebecca’s Nyan Wolf all the way from Peterborough, UK. Knowing that winter is just around the corner, Rebecca carefully and artfully rendered this version of the Nyan Cat to appear with soft and gentle snowflakes falling through a gloomy but calming grey autumnal sky. Additionally, with the holiday season pleasantly bearing down upon us, she takes the traditional Nyan Cat Pop-Tart and cleverly exchanges it with a piece of pie that looks like it would make a great addition to any Christmas spread (or Thanksgiving, if you happen to be American).

And finally, you can’t deny that the transformation of the cat into the figure of a wolf is fitting as well. This little guy is as sweet as the pie that he is made of, and like the Nyan Cat song, when a love for the wolf becomes stuck in your head and in your heart, you know it will be there for quite some time to come. There is true genius at work, Rebecca, and I thank you for adding your own unique spin on this cultural phenomenon. Keep putting your own mark on all that you encounter in life and never stop living with the playful optimism that the Nyan Cat embodies.

Also, as some of you know, I referenced the Nyan Cat in another post that featured a reference to this same meme a little while back. But for those of you who still might be unfamiliar with this unusual phenomenon, I have included the clip below.

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