#20 “You can’t keep a good wolf down”

From a stranger in Traverse City, Michigan.

After yesterday’s post, which featured a fearsome wolf on the brink of rage-filled madness, I thought it would be appropriate to offer a more optimistic and sanguine illustration to lift our spirits today. For although it is undeniable that in life we will all be assailed by unforeseeable troubles and strife, this doesn’t mean that life itself is a continual uphill battle. One merely has to adopt a more useful outlook, and I believe that deep within our hearts we all know that an air of positivity will always benefit us more than wallowing in the pits of despair. One of my favorite quotes goes as follows: “There are only two things in life you can control: your attitude and your effort.” I think that if we examine the masterful lupine work of art that is on display today, we will see this aphorism in action.

This wolf is certainly drawn with great skill, but if you’ll notice, the specific circumstances in which this lobo finds himself appear to be somewhat less than favorable. Observe the conifers in the background of the illustration, how they seem to be afflicted with some sort of blight that is causing their needles to disappear, leaving the trees somewhat barren. Now move your attention to the foreground. Notice how this beautiful wolf appears to be malnourished and slightly emaciated. His torso is lean and thin.

But now, ladies and gentlemen, direct your eyes to meet those of this animalistic wonder. What do you see there? If you are like me, you see hope, determination, passion, and fortitude. Notice also the unwavoring lupine grin. While there is so much in this world to cause dispair, especialy for the wolf, this creature knows the value of emotional fortitude; he understands the vital importance of optimism. What could cause that smile to fade? What could break the spirit of the wolf? Nothing, my friends. Nothing.

In the end we realize that while man is the very creature responsible for so much pain in the animal kingdom, he may also look to this world to gain valuable insight. So in conclusion, the next time you find yourself in troubled waters, think back to the wonderful wisdom of the wolf and be at peace.


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