Aug 3 2013

#462 “Odd Collage”

From Aimee in Apopka, Florida

I’ve had this wolf collage and accompanying envelope in my possession for more than 2 years; however, I’ve never displayed this unique masterpiece on because I never knew exactly what to say about it. I never knew how to interpret what I was looking at or how to analyze its idiosyncratic nature. But this morning a revelation descended upon me: I don’t need to understand the work. I simply need to share it. So, here it is, world. Here is the bizarre and quirky work of Aimee. Do with it what you will. Attempt to unfold its mysteries for yourself or simply bask in the glow of its unusual glory. The choice is yours…

Also, in case you’re wondering, the attached note says:

“And the wolfman’s brother
the wolfman’s brother is coming down on me.”

Hi, Wolfman~ thanks for turning a boring Tuesday evening into fun. Emily texted me about your project and I was hooked. I miss Chattanooga! Your creative energy still calls me – even here in lovely Florida

Love Alway, Aimee