Jul 30 2013

#460 “Body Art”

From a stranger in Australia

A kind stranger in Australia emailed this picture a few days ago with an accompanying note which said she was afraid that it might not count because it was not technically a drawing. How silly our fears can sometimes be… Of course this counts!¬†There’s no greater dedication to an artistic subject than to have it permanently affixed to one’s body. Not to take away from the hundreds of contributors to this project to date, but I am especially impressed with this stranger’s submission. While all contributors who submit artwork to WBS are giving a piece of themselves, this brave soul is going a step further in a way and laying bare her dedication to the spirit of the wolf in the very flesh. What a beautiful sight to behold…

Jul 28 2013

#459 “A New Nation & A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

From Jeremy in Nashville, Tennessee

At a glance it seems like these two pictures from Jeremy may not have much in common; however, in light of recent national events, I would say that there’s actually quite an interesting link between the two that make them applicable to all Americans. With the recent revelations made by Edward Snowden about the NSA and other information about secret courts, etc., coming close behind, many Americans are indeed feeling like the nation they thought they knew and loved has pulled the wool over their eyes. The fact that we’re basically begging Russia to deliver Snowden to us with assurances that we won’t kill or torture him is an extraordinary statement about the recent history of this country. While I love this country, I’m afraid that in some ways Lady Liberty has indeed taken on a savage new visage in my eyes, one that has been hidden behind an innocent mask for far too long…

Jul 21 2013

#458 “A Step Forward”

From Misha Misha

An unanticipated benefit of the WBS project is that it sometimes allows us as an international audience to witness firsthand the artistic strides that some participants make as they continually advance their craft. Case in point is this submission by Misha Misha wish we may compare to a work submitted by her back in January of this same year (click here). While both pieces reflect an artistic ability worthy of envy, we can see that this young artist is growing by leaps and bounds. Let’s just hope she continues to allow us to experience her creative bildungsroman firsthand…

Jul 14 2013

#457 “Totally Random”

From Mike of the Jungle of TEAM WOLF in London, England

So… here is a crude drawing of a wolf, complimented with what appears to be a couple of elephants and horses… and a pig… along with busts of Bart and Home Simpson. Enjoy!

Jul 10 2013

#456 “Alpha Stranger”

From WBS Artist in Residence: Victoria Witt

A few months ago, I experimented with a variety of social media outlets in an attempt to bring more attention to WBS project and increase submissions to the collection. Being new to many of the of the latest developments in social media, I struggled quite a bit with the learning curve associated with some of these new technologies. One media outlet in particular that I couldn’t quite get the hang of was Twitter. I’m still not sure what it was, but something about this medium just didn’t click with me. First of all, when it came time to name my newly created account, I was vexed when I discovered that “WolvesbyStrangers” exceeds the character limit by just one letter. Then, when I started to post various tweets, I discovered that I felt like I was engaging in shameless self promotion. While I do want to advertise the project as much as possible, I just couldn’t get used to constantly tweeting in what seemed like a narcissistic way. While it’s true that the tweets often revolved around the fantastic artwork that the project was receiving by generous, talented strangers, something about it still seemed egotistical and vain.

However, there is one bright side that came out of my experiment with Twitter: the moniker of “AlphaStranger”, which became my handle in lieu of “WolvesbyStrangers”. In a way it’s a fitting label. While I have chosen to introduce myself to a few contributors to this project, most wouldn’t know me from Adam and would walk right by me on the sidewalk, having no knowledge of the fact that we have actually interacted with each other in a most unusual way. And likewise, many participants in this project choose to maintain their anonymity was well. And that’s just fine… In fact, this may be the very lifeblood of this project: the chance to be whomever we want… or to be no one at all… to let our artwork speak for itself and create a wolf portrait to be ¬†our voice, our identity.

The funny thing about this particular illustration by Victoria is that it actually captures my true identity quite well. From my eye color to the depiction of me as my favorite wolf (the Alexander Archipelago Wolf) to my work attire… it’s surprisingly accurate. So, if any of you have actually wondered about the man behind the wolves… here I am. Of course, I have to end with a special thanks to Victoria for her time and attention. This work represents another triumph and another step towards a bright future and a wonderful career in the arts.

Jul 7 2013

#455 “Electro-Wolf”

From AMSeaFang (Kailah)

In March of 2012, WBS experimented with a “Music Month” in which each illustration was accompanied by a wolf-themed song which seemed to fit the picture’s mood and tone. All in all, this was one of my favorite times in the brief history of the project thus far, and I am grateful to AMSeaFang for temporarily reviving this artistic crossover. As far as her particular subject is concerned, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate artist to anthropomorphize than Skrillex. His unique music, as well as his eclectic appearance, embody the wildness of the wolf well: Skrillex is an artist that attacks the eardrums of his listeners with a biting sound full of ferocity as well as beauty. It’s a combination that is as fierce and alluring as the wolf, itself

For more artwork by AMSeaFang, click here.