May 26 2013

#449 “In a Barrel?”

From a student at SAU in Collegedale, Tennessee

A while back I posted a group of illustrations from some students at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee; however, at the time of the original post, I chose to put this particular illustration on the back burner. Why? Well, simply put, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what this picture is all about. Is it a pop culture reference? A historical allusion? A complicated metaphor? Or just an inside joke? After a little research, I discovered that a manufacturer called Lone Wolf makes gun barrels which are popularly used in Glock firearms, but somehow I don’t think that’s quite right. But regardless, the quaint mystery behind this piece will be keeping it on my mind for some time to come… and maybe that’s what the artist had in mind all along…

May 19 2013

#448 “Alpha/Omega”

From Laura in New York

While I know that it’s not my mission to take an artist’s work and apply it personally and individually, I simply can’t help viewing each WBS submission through the lens of my own existence. While this may distort the original message that the artist intends to send, this is a beautiful blessing of artwork in general: the fact that each work is open to personal interpretation and the fact that different individuals might approach the same work of art from different viewpoints and thereby walk away with different interpretations. Keeping this in mind, I hope it is not out of line for me to say that when I lay eyes on this piece I am overcome with thoughts and feelings related to the love that I share for my beautiful wife. Yes, I know that this is probably not a subject of interest for the faithful readers and viewers of WBS, but without her this project would have become defunct long ago. She has been my strength and my rock, my support system and my encourager, my partner and my critic, my alpha and omega. If you enjoy this project, then you owe a small thank you to her for keeping this crazy thing going for so long. And also, of course, I owe a special thank you to Laura for this inspiring submission that is able to rouse such overpowering feelings of love and admiration…

May 12 2013

#447 “Unseen Forces”

From David in Lithuania

Every day, all around us, energy swirls and pools in eddies and puddles of unknown magnitude. There are forces at work in this world that are beyond our imagination and exceed the musings of our wildest dreams. Each step we take, we wade through streams of power and rivers of universal agency that set in motion the mysteries of our very existence. Some enigmas are known to us and some are not. And while we may not know the answers the riddles, we are familiar with the questions themselves: What exists inside the annals of the wolf’s animalistic mind? What is his greatest desire? How does he commune with the infinite universe that surrounds him? How is his existence similar to or different from mine?

It’s questions like these that sometimes keep me awake at night, and although I know these mysteries are unsolvable, this doesn’t mean that pursuing their ends is not a worthwhile endeavor. As I take in all that David has to offer in this magnificent portrait, I’m reminded of these universal enigmas and of the unrevealed secrets that the almighty universe has chosen to keep from our uncomprehending minds. As humans we have explored these mysteries with theories, estimations, symbols and philosophies, but we may never know the truth.

Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of all is whether we are the most capable of creatures in exploring these questions. We set ourselves as lords above the physical reality in which we exist, but what if there is one among us who understands these eternal riddles more readily than we do… and he just won’t tell us the answers?

May 5 2013

#446 “School Project”

From Jecobia

Having relinquished my official role as a student for quite some time now, the world of formal education has become a relatively foreign place to me. Given this fact, it came as quite a surprise when Jecobia sent me this tasteful video which she produced for a small classroom project. To say I was honored would be quite the understatement. While I have always hoped that this global gallery of lupine artwork might serve to inspire a smile from time to time or create a pleasant diversion from the rigors of daily life, I had never imagined that it might provide some educational value to America’s youth. I couldn’t be more pleased than to imagine a group of students taking note of WBS and using it to further their studies. So, to Jecobia, if you are reading this: Stay in school and keep on the straight and narrow path. Always allow your heart to be your guide and trust your instincts. Search for inspiration in the unusual and never allow detractors to distract you from your goals and dreams. Also, while you pursue the soul of your education, don’t neglect the education of your soul. And finally, always keep that small and sacred part of your heart reserved for the wolf; it will never lead you astray.