Apr 28 2013

#445 “Toothy Grin”

From Laura in New York

While aggressive wolves with teeth bared in militant hostility are often the focus of lupine artwork, the talented young Laura offers a different perspective with her lighthearted portrait of a particularly friendly subject with an almost goofy smile. And while some individuals might say that this is not an accurate depiction of the noble savage, it does capture a very real side of the beast – a side that desires acceptance and even friendship. And while the wolf’s request for acceptance may not literally come in the form of the wide-eyed and friendly portrayal offered up by Laura here, her illustration does serve as a reminder that at the heart of each and every creature lies a desire to simply be – a wish to coexist and fulfill an individual purpose. And while sometimes this desire does bring the wolf into a necessary conflict with other beings, this reality is always better faced with a smile…

Apr 21 2013

#444 “Beyond Borders”

From Gabrielle in Redlands, California

There’s something uniquely inspiring about viewing a piece of artwork that cannot even be contained by the very paper on which it is printed… something that suggests that the artist was so captivated by her subject that she completely disregarded the notion that her work could be contained. Such is the case with this latest contribution by California native, Gabrielle. I know that you cannot experience the full grandeur of this piece because even my own scanner could not accommodate the size of this magnificent masterpiece, but as you may be able to tell, Gabrielle leaves no space untouched by the artistry of her pencil, and her artwork proceeds to the very edges of the paper and perhaps even beyond. As a result, the fervor and passion that would inspire her to utilize every square inch of parchment to express her passion is nothing short of ┬ámoving and encourages each of us to reach beyond our perceived limits and break free from the cages that attempt to contain us…

Apr 7 2013

#442 “Long Distance”

From Ania in Krakow, Poland

I read somewhere that a wolf’s howl can be heard up to 6 miles away in a forested environment and that on the open tundra those lonesome cries have been known to travel for up to even 10 miles. However, in a truly amazing feat, the howl of Ania’s awe-inspiring lupine subject will reach every corner of the globe. Yes, it sailed across the ocean through invisible electrical currents from Poland all the way to the American Southeast, and now it is recreated and amplified here in this public forum for all of you.

So remember: no matter which city or which country you lay your head down in tonight, you can rest in the assurance that the wolves are howling all around us to the very same moon in the very same sky, and even though we may not hear them with our very own ears, their cries are not in vain. They are absorbed into the night sky where they dissipate for all of eternity, raining down on us in the winter snow and rising from the earth in the morning dew. They twinkle in the stars that shine overhead and warm us through the sun’s rays on a springtime afternoon. They inspire us to create artwork to share with strangers, and in this way the wolf’s cry is never silenced and reverberates into eternity…