Feb 24 2013

#435 “Professional Weirdness”

From Zachary Sweet

Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” And nothing screams professional weirdness like the pleasantly depraved artwork of Zachary Sweet. There’s something perplexing and almost disturbing about Zachary’s work that is somehow familiar and comforting at the very same time… like a delightfully frightening nightmare that you look forward to drifting into after a dose of too much reality. Zachary’s subjects are ones that seem born out of a wild world of psychotic debauchery and pop culture perversion and will sink their teeth into like a Pollock-splattered vampire from outer space. To see more of Zachary’s insane artwork, click here.

Feb 17 2013

#434 “Looking In”

From Victoria in Oregon

It seems like one of the most inherent aspects of the human condition is a nearly constant self-focus. In other words, we as humans are perpetually concerned with ourselves and what we think, feel, and believe as individuals. Essentially, we’re all egomaniacs to a certain degree.

But don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to say that people are innately evil or selfish. I don’t believe that; I just think that sometimes it’s difficult for us to see beyond ourselves. As a result, we often take on the role of the observer instead of the observed. We view the world around us and the wildlife that inhabits it as a sort of menagerie designed for our own entertainment, and we never stop to think that perhaps we’re being watched as much or more than we watch the creatures with whom we share this amazing world.

When I look at Victoria’s refreshing portrait of these two docile yet inquisitive wolves, I feel as if it is I who am on display for the wolf instead of the wolf being on display for me. This illustration makes me feel very small in some ways but very alive as well because it reminds me that the world is not my personal possession to have and hold and do with it as I please. It belongs to us all, humans and animals alike…

Feb 14 2013

#433 “XOXO”

From WBS Artist in Residence, Victoria Witt

Earlier today Victoria sent me a link to this amazing a time-lapse video of her creative process in action. I was blown away to say the least, and I simply couldn’t resist passing it along to you. While the video reflects a personal sentiment of love between two individuals, the the beauty of the creative process and the majesty of the end result is something that we can all share in together. Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

To view more of Victoria’s spectacular creations, click here.

Feb 10 2013

#432 With a Fury!”

From Grant in St. Louis, Missouri

The hectic lines and sharp angles that make up this demonic looking lupine spoke to me (or rather screamed at me) when I first laid eyes on it, and the voice that I heard had just two words to say: Heavy Metal. Yes, friends, the black masters and dark agents of that maniacal yet melodic music serve as the perfect accompaniment for this chilling rendering or a wolf on the prowl. With the ears lifted almost like horns and eyes narrowed to the sharpness of razor blades, this wolf certain seems in search of an an unsuspecting prey. And while I’m all for lupine rights and I fully support the freedoms of our animal friends, I’m tempted to take Dio’s advice and lock this wolf up before he wreaks havoc on us all!

Feb 3 2013

#431 “A Window on Four Wolves”

From S.T. in Hertfordshire, U.K.

Sometimes it seems like as if we’re viewing the wolf through a sort of window, doesn’t it? The pane that separates us from the animal is thin and transparent, but its dividing powers are real enough. Is the life that we ascribe to this beautiful creature accurate in the least? Is our perception of its existence remotely realistic? Or does the glass distort the image and present to us a romanticized rendering of a thing that simply isn’t real? I suppose that no one really knows, for no one can be both man and wolf. We view the wolf in the only way we can, through the window of our own existence, creating in it only what we want to see. It’s true essence will forever be a mystery, but in the end, whose to say that this isn’t what makes the creature the alluring creature that it is…