Nov 25 2012

#421 “Flaunt it!”

From Rachel in Chattanooga, TN

A while back Rachel Sauls wrote a wonderfully supportive piece about Wolves by Strangers for the local Metro section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Then, as if she hadn’t done enough to prove herself a friend to the project, she graciously donated this fantastic piece of lupine pop art that’s overflowing with personality. This unique composition is a true marriage of class and sex appeal and is as sophisticated as they come. While anthropomorphic wolves are almost always pictured in a male form and are typically in pursuit of a young sex-kitten on which to work their wiles, Rachel turns this cliche on its head and presents us with a sensual and alluring depiction of a lupine Jayne Mansfield that is every bit as chic and elegant as a male wolf is ravenous and rapacious. All things being said and done, I can’t help but to howl when I lay eyes on this classy creation!

Nov 18 2012

#420 “Lights #2″

From Paige

If you’re a frequent visitor to, you’ll no doubt realize that I posted a submission from WBS artist in resident a few weeks ago that was inspired by the Ellie Goulding song “Lights.” Well, on display today is another soul stirring illustration by the very talented Paige Barton that influenced by the same tune. What I love most about this piece is the soul-stirring marriage of beauty of strength. The majesty of a wolf with wings is almost too beautiful to bear, and Paige captures quite superbly the ethereal nature of all things fantastical with this soulfully profound illustration. This piece is a testimony to universal creativity and the beauty of art, itself. The fact that two talented artists can find inspiration in the same song and produce two very different yet beautiful images is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks, Paige. I can’t wait to see what you’ll wow us with next.

Nov 11 2012

#419 “Sea Wolf”

 From Preston in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ahhh… The mash-up.

By definition, a mash-up is an unexpected marriage of two dissimilar but somehow intimately connected items from pop culture. Today’s surprisingly pleasing example features Shakira’s pop single “She Wolf” and Sponge Bob Square Pants. At first the viewer is at odds with himself in determining just what all of this means, but then when the realization dawns on him that Shakira flirtatiously asserts that “there’s a she-wolf in your closet,” the strange amalgamation achieves a sudden clarity and the initial confusion is resolved.

Hats off to Preston for the unique interpretation of these two elements. With creativity such as this continuing to make its way into the WBS project, I believe that I can safely say that there’s no telling where the future will lead us…


Nov 8 2012

#418 “Invisi-Wolf”

From a stranger in Ft. Worth, Texas

Ladies and gentlemen, do not attempt to adjust your monitors. While the picture above might appear to be nothing more than a vast expanse of colorless naught, it is actually the latest submission to this growing collection of lupine portraits. Yes… I present to you… invisi-wolf! True, some may view this contribution as nothing more than a folded napkin, but I see a sea of possibilities upon which our imaginations may set sail. Some may say that this isn’t an illustration of a wolf at all. I say that it is, in fact, an illustration of any wolf and every wolf. The blankness of this canvas represents the endless possibilities and infinite promise that lies within each of us to create his/her own mental image of a lupine. Simply put, this wolf is all things to all men.

But… who is this Bruce Vallance who is referenced on the back side of the envelope? Does the fact that I don’t recognize the name add support to the claim that he is under-rated? Is he the groundbreaking artist behind this imaginative masterpiece? I’m not sure… Maybe this is the first step down a long road of mystery and intrigue.

Who are you, Bruce Vallance?

Who are you?


Nov 4 2012

#417 “Already?”

From Jon

It’s no secret that the Christmas season seems to come earlier every year, but imagine my surprise when I accessed the WBS email account on October 27th to find this Yuletide wolf taking careful aim at acquiring a place amidst this ever-growing pack of lupine artwork. I hadn’t yet carved my jack o’lantern and here was a gift from jolly old St. Nick… two months early! But you won’t hear me complaining. Some say that Christmas is more of a state of mind than a holiday, and if that’s the case, I plan on keeping this wolf close at heart the whole year round!