Oct 28 2012

#416 “Lights”

From WBS artist in resident Victoria Witt

The newest installment from our resident artist is literally buzzing with electricity. While some of you wolf lovers out there might feel it’s a bit too “mainstream,” I just couldn’t help pairing this energizing portrait with a little electro-pop of the same name, courtesy of Ellie Goulding. Sit back, relax, and let the energy surge through you as the sights and sounds take you away…

Oct 26 2012

#415 “Bedtime”

By Stefan Thompson

By the time that post #415 rolls around, saying that a piece is too magical for words has become a bit of a cliche for your humble collector of wolf artwork, but I honestly don’t think that the English language could boast the terms that would accurately describe this masterpiece by Stefan. Both ethereal and haunting, this piece will either deliver elegiac nightmares or poignant dreams of blessed happiness. Either way, take a look at this piece before you lay your head down tonight and let the wistfulness sink in before you drift off to dreamland.

To see more of Stefan’s incredible artwork, visit his deviantart page here.

Oct 24 2012

#414 “Wolves of War”

Form Wolfbane3

For those whose souls are feeling hampered by the shackles of society, here’s a little midweek wolf poetry to get you over the hump. Keep soldiering on, everyone, and let the spirit of the wolf guide you…

Wolves of War

They leave their home, these wolves of war
They leave their pups and mates
They head unto barren sands
The weight of nation in there wake

They fight with spirit for pack and kin
While the ones they love await
The fight with blood and bone, tooth and nail
Against relentless hate

They are selfless, true and free
Feared by only those that kill and feed
They come upon the field, to protect our dens and dreams
Some left only to memory

They fight for us this great pack
Keeping our territory free
They shed blood and breath
These wolves of war

Warriors that keep us free

Oct 21 2012

#413 “And the hits just keep on coming!”

From Dave and Trudy in Chatham, Ontario, Canada
With artwork by Laura, Melanie, Chris and Andrea…

Well folks, when it rains, it pours! And there’s no better proof of that than this fine collection offered up by our neighbors to the north. Are you into C.S. Lewis fantasies? You got it! James Dean references? Look no further! Lupine comic strips? You’ve come to the right place!

Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to this heaping helping of mesmerizing wolf art. I know that Christmas is two months away, but I couldn’t help feeling like Old St. Nick had stumbled upon the WBS p.o. box when I opened it up to reveal this fantastic present.

Thanks guys! Every piece of artwork is special at WBS, and I’m happy to welcome these wolves to the pack!

Oct 14 2012

#412 “Jackpot!”

From SAU in Collegedale, Tennessee

This package of wild and wacky artwork is every a dream come true for any wolf artwork collector! I was tempted to save a few of these fine pieces for a rainy day, but in the end I simply couldn’t resist sharing them all in one fell swoop. I hope they brighten your day as much as they did mine!

The above illustration with a variety of translations of the word “wolf” comes to WBS courtesy of the talented Charlotte Tokle. Thanks, Charlotte!

Oct 9 2012

#411 “Gaelic Wonder”

From Hannah in Chattanooga, Tennessee

In November of last year, Hannah graciously sent me an email with a number of stunning wolf portraits attached. Now a local college student, Hannah said that the works were ones that she had drawn/painted during her high school years and that she had plenty of others (which she referred to as “mostly crap”… yeah, right, Hannah). I couldn’t believe it; I was absolutely blown aware by the treasure trove of lupine glory that spanned out before me. Each piece was more glorious than the previous, and I couldn’t wait to share them with the world. However, I restrained myself and decided to slowly reveal them one at a time. So, without further ado, I present to you another stirring piece from a talented young artist who is surely destined for greatness.

Also, since Hannah’s email address employs the monicker “gaelicwolf,” I thought it only fitting to provide the information below which details a few Gaelic words that are often used in reference to wolves:

Mactíre (son of the land) and madra allta (wild dog) are the current terms, but the Irish Gaelic for “wolf-hound” is cú faoilFaol is an old word for “wolf” and is found in the surname Ó Faoláin (Phelan, Whalen). The term ‘faolchú’ is also used for ‘wolf’.

Oct 7 2012

#410 “Brushstrokes”


From Gabrielle in Redlands, California

A swirl of muddy undertones and overt darkness blend and clash until they form the moving image of Gabrielle’s unique lupine brainchild. A wonder among wonders, this quaint yet powerful masterpiece speaks volumes about the hidden power that flows from the elegant movements of a young ladies delicate wrist down through the stained fingertips and is then transferred from the bristles of a finely crafted brush onto the course and pristine canvass. It’s a magical process that only a few are able to master, involving simple tools that even fewer are able to wield with such amazing skill. Paintings like this don’t just appear out of thin air, although the skill and talent of the artist might make you think otherwise. They are the fruits of a labor of love which are presented here for all to feast upon. The gaze of this wolf searches the soul of the viewer, but the self-contented smirk provides an element of whimsy that could warm the coldest heart.  Thanks for the amazing contribution, Gabrielle. I can only hope that this forum provides a worthy platform for a talented artist such as yourself.

Oct 2 2012

#409 “Lyrical Art”

From Wolfbane3

It’s true that this website is dedicated to featuring unique wolf art from global strangers, but if the contribution criteria only stipulates that submissions must be “art,” who’s to say that poetry shouldn’t be included as well? I can see of no reason why this fantastic composition by Wolfbane3 should not take center stage for a time at wolvesbystrangers.com. This poetic masterpiece is overflowing with cathartic passion; it will sink its teeth deep in you and won’t let go until the transformation is complete… So, prepare to become one with the wolf as you take on this lupine verse full to the brim of haunting (and howling) lyrical mastery.


Release me from this skin
Bite into me with your fangs
I beg of you my alpha free me from this
With white hot pain free me with your lips

Let my blood flow

Enough with this pale shadow
She’s Screaming within me
Bones shifting and flesh tearing
Destroying me from within

Let my blood flow

Let body, spirit, and soul live
Live as one
Let the sweet agony of change take me
If I survive, let me stand as her

Let my blood flow

Enough with these scars being cut from within
Let her out
Let her run through the night
Let our disjointed hearts beat as one

Let my blood flow

As your saliva courses through my heart like fire
As my spine cracks and teeth lengthen
As my body becomes her spirit
As we join into our soul

Let my blood flow

See us as we run
See us howl together like lovers lost
Watch us as we stand weathering the storm
Feel the passion released with our new voice

Let my blood flow

Eternity in a single moment
As flesh knits and bones mend
Our fur ripples in the wind
Watch as we stalk forth into the night

Let our blood flow